etnicaindub Etnica in Dub - Compiled by Max Lanfranconi.
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After a long period of silence we are finally back!  The past couple of years were devoted to heavy-duty touring (memorable tours & performances including Brazil, Chile, Australia, Japan, South Korea, USA, Lebanon, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and much more), as well as the behemoth that took up a big chunk of our time: Our new mothership - Sound Farm Studios Ibiza - is up and running at warp drive.  Thanks to this new, state-of-the-art audiovisual facility, our fans, friends, and supporters will enjoy a new level of sound quality in our releases, as well as access to the best courses in sound engineering that the White Isle has to offer.  Services include audio & video production, mixing and recording (analog and digital); audio mastering; studio hiring; live band recording; sound design and soundtrack production; music production courses (with acclaimed guest dj's and producers); full event organization services and logistics; and much more!  Needless to say all of our facilities, equipment and staff are of the highest calibre.  For total info please visit: www.sfsibiza.com

After investing much of our focus, time, effort and passion into Sound Farm Studios , we are back in full force with a brand new label website and a blasting array of upcoming releases that include Etnica, Pleiadians, Arkanoydz, Tecnica, various artists compilations (dancefloor and chill-out) and more. 
Since the inception of Etnicanet Records on Millennium Eve, we have been on an amazing ride of a myriad special moments in the most wonderful places around the world, so we thank all of you who have been with us throughout the years supporting our music, releases, festivals, and tours around the globe.  We shall strive to keep raising the standard as we have always sought, and will be rady with our new releases very soon.  Watch this space!

dj Young Kim (Arkanoydz)
Etnicanet Records / Soundfarm Studios - Ibiza.

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