Dj Draeke discovered Goa Trance in early 97 and since then he has been very active in the scene, first locally in Milan (Italy) and then he started to spread the vibes through the internet by sharing his mixes around and djing wherever he could. Always passionate and fascinated by this colorful mind expanding music he continued to build his knowledge and his collection connecting with other like-minded listeners and through his contacts he could also get in touch with many Artists, Producers and Label Managers. After many years spent collecting and djing he decided to open a label, DAT Records, with the aim of releasing unreleased oldschool Goa Trance. The label opened in 2008 and it has been a very successful venture so far. He is now working with Etnica to help them organize their oldschool catalogue so that their archives would be finally available for all their fans around the world..