Originally conceived as the legendary ETNICA GROUP (genre-defining party collective whose trail of impact at the time included Bali, Brazil, Goa,  Thailand, Venezuela, Milan and Ibiza) in the late 1980's and early 1990's, ETNICANET  organically evolved into a globally acclaimed record label.  As ubiquitous guest performers of the world's most prestigious, weird and wonderful events, the Etnicanet core team (Max Lanfranconi & Maurizio Begotti of ETNICA and Young Kim of ARKANOYDZ) have trail-blazed the planet igniting dance floors with their music, heavily contributing to  new scenes with their legendary festivals and all-night parties (Bali, Venezuela, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Ibiza, London, to name a few).   At the dawn of the Millennium, ETNICANET RECORDS was established on the Balearic isle and world clubbing capital IBIZA.   Rapidly establishing itself as a trend-setting beacon in the global scene, Etnicanet quickly garnered global attention and became synonymous with  musical gravitas and forward-thinking.  Musical standouts such as Wrecked Machines and Species released their debut albums on Etnicanet, while collaborations with Pacha (one of Ibiza and the  world's most famous clubs) and Queen of Gipsy (GIPSY KINGS frontman Paul Reyes' son Canut Amador with Damian Vernio of Dhya/Droidlock) further confirm the label's boundless, 360-degree  approach to Music.  Important collaborations include sound designing for heavyweights such as FERRARI and DUCATI, as well as providing musical  pieces for the soundtrack of acclaimed SONY PLAYSTATION videogame GRAN TURISMO  (GT4). Over the years Etnicanet has released hit tunes and albums from notable artists such as Etnica, Pleiadians, Eat Static, Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Dickster, GMS,Serge Souque, Dino Psaras, Koxbox, Saikopod, Deedrah, Synthetic, Dickster, Earthling, Wrecked Machines, Wizzy Noise, Bamboo Forest, Soundaholix, Atomic Pulse, Alternate Vision, Rinkadink, Species, PTX, Arkanoydz, Queen of Gipsy, Aes Dana, and many more.  Aligned with the incessant advancement of music technologies and the progression of artistic tendencies in the world of contemporary Electronica, ETNICANET  strives to enchant and entertain by implementing a 360-degree approach on the creative possibilities in presenting unique and distinguished products to the ever  expanding legion of supporters and fans worldwide.
During the explosive Acid House daze of the 1980's, the 'Dance All Night' events in Milan and Ibiza were generating press coverage and appreciation world wide.  Fuelled by the accolades and motivated by immediate success, it was just a matter of time before all elements aligned.  By uniting clusters of active members around the globe  who were already throwing the wildest, non-stop parties on the shores of Goa (India), Chile, Venezuela, and Ibiza (only to name a few)  the contemporary electronic entertainment  machine that is ETNICANET was born. International festivals came as the next step in a natural evolution of this multi-talented, international collective. On Millennium Eve, ETNICANET was conceived not only as a record label, but also as an international events organization operating in the world's hottest and most exotic festival zones as well as initiating new scenes to the rest of the world. Along with the multimedia releases, Etnicanet thrives as an international festival organisation with a  successful history of ongoing events around the world.   Etnicanet members have played essential roles, throughout their experience (which spans 20 years) and talent, in the consolidation of today's worldwide trance music  and festival capitals such as Goa, Bali, Ibiza, Brazil (Etnicanet's CELEBRA BRASIL Festival was the first of such calibre, success, and international appeal in Latin America  at the time, whereas Max Lanfranconi organised the first trance parties on the beaches of Arraial d'Ajuda in the early 90's), South Africa  (Southafrica 2000 Millennium Festival and Southafrica 2002 Total Solar Eclipse Festival by Vortex, Alien Safari and Etnicanet were the catalysts that helped make  South Africa one of today's most distinguished festival zones), Greece (Etnicanet's support was paramount for the now legendary Samothraki Dance Festival and Sola Luna),  Chile, and Korea. ETNICA (aka PLEIADIANS / TECNICA) are ubiquitous and constantly in high demand at the world's most prestigious events with their revered musical prowess and illustrious on-stage charisma, while label manager DJ YOUNG KIM (aka ARKANOYDZ)'s role proved essential in spreading the Etnicanet sound to some the farthest  reaches of the planet, including Korea, major presence during the 'psychedelic renaissance' years in London, the Middle East (Dubai, Beirut, and Turkey), Chile,  Eastern Europe (Serbia, Slovenia, and Czech Republic), South Africa, virtually every region of Brazil, and much more. Over the years, Etnicanet artists have had the priceless pleasure to perform to dancefloors the world over including Japan (major cities and Mount Fuji), Korea, Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Mexico, Brazil (all major cities and festivals), Chile, Russia, Germany, Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, all over Italy, and much more. Merging the artistic and logistical talent of its crew members, Etnicanet enjoys an ongoing global reputation for creating festival situations that continuously raise the  standard in the world of multimedia entertainment and events organization.  A celebratory continuum for the mesmerising amalgamation of all sensory stimuli - particulary focusing on the audio-visual experience accompanied with art installations - the Etnicanet Event is composed by the cream of international musicians  as well as top-class  visual and deco artists. Musically, all festivals and label parties showcase the global pool of musicians whose talent has given character, quality, and success to all Etnicanet releases,  with a special focus on promoting up and coming artists by exposing them to a uniquely appreciative and demanding International dancefloor. A few friends and artists who have imbued their talent into our events: Dino Psaras (CYDONIA / TORTURED BRAIN - UK), Simon Posford(HALLUCINOGEN / SHPONGLE /  YOUNGER BROTHER - UK), Dado (DEEDRAH / SYNTHETIC - FR), GMS (Growling Machines /1200 Mics / Soundaholix - NL), Serge Souque (TOTAL ECLIPSE /  THE ANTIDOTE - FR), Antaro (Spirit Zone Rec / Voov Experience - GER), Joti Sidhu (Psychaos - UK), Miko (California Sunshine - ISR), EMOK (Iboga Rec - SWE),  Chika & Akira (Solstice Rec - JPN), Wrecked Machines (BRA), Bamboo Forest (FR), Alien Project (ISR), Rinkadink (Alchemy Rec - SA), Regan (Nano Rec - SA), Dave (Alien Safari - SA),  Mack (BRA), Feio & Rica Amaral (XXXperience - BR), Du Serena & Rafael Dahan (Tribe - BR), Marcelo Vor (BR),  Nova (Ultimae Rec - IT/UK), El Geko (AT), Avikal (IT/UK), Psytwin (UK/FR) and more.